Nostr POW KeyGen

Generation happens locally in your browser. You can disconnect from the internet before running and you can close the window after generation (before reconnecting to the internet).

Source code is public and is available on github at the link below

Link to github

Authors Public Key: npub1qqqqqqp350slvdds7028l4yre5cuh8v38zseert25mxf7lkr2trsy0j2m8

Currently In Slow Mode
Slow mode will add a slight delay between each key pair generation. Use this mode if you are generating over a long period of time or don't have good hardware. When this mode is off key pairs will be generated as fast as possible which will be very resource intense. Fast mode can potentially crash your browser.

This key miner is simple and does not use multithreading - it is not recommended to try and mine more than 5 characters. For mining keys with a larger difficulty, Rana is recommended.

Link to Rana

Your prefix must be hex, so you can only use the following characters: 0123456789abcdef